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List of accepted posters

A New Strategy for Dimensional Metrology using Smart Dust Networks
Rodolfo Peña, Nicolas Krommenacker and Patrick Charpentier

A Simulation Environment for PDR-aided Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Tobias Gädeke, Johannes Schmid, Thomas Anselm, Wilhelm Stork and Klaus D. Müller-Glaser

An Environment for Context-Aware Applications in Smart Homes
Jens Ellenberg, Bastian Karstaedt, Sören Voskuhl, Kai von Luck and Birgit Wendholt

Basic Research of Indoor Positioning Method Using Visible Light Communication and Dead Reckoning
Hirokazu Nishikata, Hideo Makino, Kentaro Nishimori, Takayuki Kaneda, Xiaohan Liu, Makoto Kobayashi and Daisuke Wakatsuki

Combining wireless and visual tracking for an indoor environment
Sam Van den Berghe, Maarten Weyn, Vincent Spruyt and Alessandro Ledda

Developing Mobile Physiological Sensor that Works with Indoor Positioning System
Akio Sashima, Takeshi Ikeda, Akira Yamamoto, Mitsuru Kawamoto, Takafumi Kuga and Koichi Kurumatani

Efficient Transmission of Uncertain Location Information
Christoph Behle, Christian Hoene, Andreas Krebsy and Mark T. Schmidt

Fast and Cost-Efficient Signal Strength Prediction based Wi-Fi Positioning
J. Narzullaev, A. Narzullaev and Y.W. Park

Indoor and Outdoor Audio Guide System Using Smart-Phones and Electronic Tablets
Ludimar Guenda and Nuno Borges Carvalho

Indoor localisation based on fusing WLAN and image data
Milan Redzic, Conor Brennan and Noel E O'Connor

Indoor Location Estimation and Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks using a Dual Frequency Approach
Traian E. Abrudan, Luís M. Paula, João Barros, João Paulo Silva Cunha and Nuno Borges de Carvalho

Indoor Ultrasonic Simulator for Moving Objects Using Fractional Delay Filters
Daniel F. Albuquerque, José M. N. Vieira, Sérgio I. Lopes, Carlos A. C. Bastos and Paulo J. S. G. Ferreira

Indoor Ultrasonic Transfer Function for Moving Objects
Daniel F. Albuquerque, José M. N. Vieira, Sérgio I. Lopes, Carlos A. C. Bastos and Paulo J. S. G. Ferreira

Integral Positioning System for indoor applications
Denis Grießbach, Sergey Zuev and Dirk Baumbach

IR-UWB based Cooperative Localization for Workers in the Large Factory
Seong Yun Cho, Joo Young Kim and Young Woo Choi

Locating and distance measurement by high frequency radio waves
Rönne Reimann

Location System applied in Management of Emergency Scenarios
Luis Brás, Marco Oliveira, Ludimar Guenda, Nuno Borges and Pedro Pinho

Performance Evaluation of a Self Calibrated 3D Wi-Fi Fingerprinting Positioning System
M. Cypriani, Ph. Canalda and F. Spies

Reflector Detection with Ultrasonic Array based on Encoded Transmission
Cristina Diego, Álvaro Hernández, Ana Jiménez, Fernando J. Álvarezy, Rebeca Sanz and Joaquín Aparicio

Segmentation of Large Point-Clouds Using Recursive Local PCA
E. Funk, D. Grießbach, D. Baumbach, I. Ernst, A. Boerner and S. Zuev

Synchronized Events in Mobile Systems Physically Nearby
Nelson Marques and Filipe Meneses

Testbed for Development and Verification of Hybrid Localization Systems
Lukasz Kulas and Krzysztof Nyka

Time-shifted positioning for location-based logging in mobile devices
André Coelho, Filipe Meneses and Rui José

Ultra-wideband Technology-based Localization Platform with Real-Time Signal Processing
Piotr Karbownik, Grzegorz Krukar, Andreas Eidloth, Michal Pietrzyk, Norbert Franke and Thomas von der Gruen

User Requirements for Localization and Positioning During Hajj
Emad Felemban and Saleh Basalamah

Whereto with Earthquake Risk Management: The Resultant of Sensor-Web and Web-GIS Could Show the Way
Ioannis D. Doukas and Guenther Retscher

Wireless Access to Numerous Destinations (WAND)-Pointer for museums
Fabian Hoeflinger, Rui Zhang and Leonhard M. Reindl

Wireless Indoor Positioning: Localization improvements with a Leaky Coaxial Cable Prototype
Mark Weber, Ulrich Birkel, Ralf Collmannz and Julia Engelbrechtz

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