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- Wednesday, September 21st

   Room B

10H00 - 13H00 Thermal Infrared Localization
Daniel Hauschildt and Nicolaj Kirchhof

   Auditorium A, Level 1

14H30 - 18H00 Distance Measurement in Wireless Sensor Networks with low cost components
Stephan Adler, Thomas Hillebrandt, Stefan Pfeiffer, Jochen Schiller and Heiko Will
14H30 - 18H00 FootPath - Accurate Map-based Indoor Navigation Using Smartphones
Paul Smith, Jó Ágila Bitsch Link and Klaus Wehrle
14H30 - 18H00 Molé: a Scalable, User-Generated WiFi Positioning Engine
Jonathan Ledlie, Jun-geun Park, Dorothy Curtis, André Cavalcante, Leonardo Camara, Afonso Costa and Robson Vieira

   Auditorium A, Level 2

15H30 - 18H00 An Indoor Trajectory Comparison Framework for Android Smartphones
Christos Laoudias, Costandinos Costa, Demetrios Zeinalipour-Yazti and Christos G. Panayiotou
15H30 - 18H00 Contexta-NET. A Data-Gathering system that supports Situation-Aware Applications: a Healthcare Example
Davide Merico and Roberto Bisiani

- Thursday, September 22nd

   Auditorium A, Level 1

14H30 - 18H00 Position Visualization in a Combined WSN-PDR Localization System
Johannes Schmid, Tobias Gädeke, Daniel Bross, Matthias Mairbäurl, Wilhelm Stork and Klaus D. Müller-Glaser
14H30 - 18H00 Presentation of a magneto-inertial positioning system: navigating through magnetic disturbances
Eric Dorveaux and Nicolas Petit
14H30 - 18H00 Ultra-wideband Technology-based Localization Platform with Real-Time Signal Processing
Piotr Karbownik, Grzegorz Krukar, Andreas Eidloth, Michal M. Pietrzyk, Norbert Franke, and Thomas von der Grün

   Auditorium A, Level 2

14H30 - 18H00 A Platform for the Evaluation of Fingerprint Positioning Algorithms on Android Smartphones
C. Laoudias, G. Constantinou, M. Constantinides, S. Nicolaou, D. Zeinalipour-Yazti and C. G. Panayiotou

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Centro de Computação Gráfica

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IEEE - Portugal Section

Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society

Escola Engenharia Univ. do Minho



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